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How to Reclaim Unpaid Rent in France in 7 Steps
Explore a detailed guide for landlords on how to manage...
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How to Legally Increase Rent in France: Know the Rules
Are you aware of how rent adjustments work in France? Each...
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Absentee Landlords in France: How to Make Managing Properties Easy
Property ownership could be an investment, particularly...
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Tenant in Situ: Useful Advice You Need to Know
If the tenant is renting a furnished place, you might wonder...
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How to Actually Resolve Tenant-Landlord Disputes in France?
This post offers guidance on resolving rental disputes in...
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How to Conduct Tenant Background Checks in France: A Guide You’ll Need
This article will explore the different types of tenant...
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The Value of Tenant Screening - Ensuring the Best Match
Tenant screenings are essential in the rental process, allowing...
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Calculating Your Apartment Rent in France: An Easy Guide
Figuring out the right market rent for your property in...
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Giving Targeted Notices to Tenants in France Useful Tips
Giving Targeted Notices to Tenants in France: Useful Tips
Get to know the complexities of lease termination in France,...
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Important Reasons a Landlord Can Evict a Tenant in France
Gain insight into process of eviction due to non-payment...
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Expert Guide to the Landlord Responsibilities in France
This guide underscores the complexities involved in becoming...
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Temporary Rentals in Germany: The Legal Aspects
Legal conditions which are important for you as a landlord/-lady...
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Subletting in Germany - What you need to know
The most relevant regulations from tenancy law, the regulations...
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An Overview of the Misuse of Residential Space in Germany
Which regulations on the subject of misuse are important...
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The Confirmation of Residence for mid-term rentals in Germany: what landlords need to know
What is the landlord’s confirmation of residence all about?...
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The Legal Pitfalls of Holiday Rentals in Germany
Find out here what pitfalls vacation rentals present and...
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Tenant couple reads house rules for a mid-term rental apartment.
How to set up house rules for mid-term rental properties in Germany
House rules regulate the rights, obligations and coexistence...
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The difference between private and commercial rentals in Germany
There are many questions when it comes to temporary rentals...
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The security deposit - All you need to know when renting out your furnished apartment in Germany
This overiew will guide you through the legal provisions...
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