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Landlord Stories: Choosing Mid-term Rentals in France
Would you like to rent out your apartment? Find out why...
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Landlord Stories: Getting Started with Furnished Rentals
Thinking about renting out your property? Hear from successful...
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Preparing a furnished apartment for mid-term rentals: a counple cooking in the kitchen.
How to set up a furnished apartment for rentals
This article will let you know about the legal requirements...
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Temporary furnished housing: What it is and who uses it
What is temporary furnished housing? Who uses it? Why are...
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Our tips for a smooth apartment handover
Doing apartment handovers the right way will save you unnecessary...
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Couple furnishing an apartment and carrying an armchair in the living room.
How to calculate the furnishing surcharge in Germany
Find out more about the two most common models for calculating...
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