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How to set up a furnished apartment for rentals

This article will let you know about the legal requirements for renting furnished apartments, and help you prepare your property mid-term rentals.

written by Wunderflats

30. August 2023 30-08-2023

The psychology behind looking for a rental home

Furnished? Unfurnished? Where to look? The psychology behind finding a rental home and how it influences our wellbeing.

written by Wunderflats

7. July 2023 07-07-2023

5 tips for furnishing your apartment for mid-term rentals

In addition to the location and size, the furnishings in a mid-term rental apartment have a big influence on the rent. It is often the little things that make an […]

written by Carina Heye

16. June 2022 16-06-2022

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