Landlord Stories: Getting Started with Furnished Rentals

Thinking about renting out your property? Hear from successful landlords about how they’ve got their start with Wunderflats and how they benefit from renting out their furnished rentals on the platform. In this article, you can find out how Alisa manages rentals in Berlin and how Lisa can travel the world and rent out her […]

Hosting refugees from Ukraine: questions and answers

FAQs for hosting refugees: child sleeping in a bed hugging a stuffed animal

When you welcome people into your home, you can make a world of a difference in their lives. Hosting refugees will also bring new situations and new questions. We have collected some of the first questions to help you get started on the Helfende Wände platform. Where do I begin as a host? The Helfende […]

How to offer your home to refugees from Ukraine

Helfende Wände, the platform connecting refugees from Ukraine with people offering their homes in Germany. A girl with a Ukrainian flag on her face

Wunderflats has launched Helfende Wände, a new platform connecting refugees from Ukraine with people offering private living spaces in Germany. Find out how you can help people in need.

5 tips to make furnished rentals eco-friendly

Young couple taking advice for making furnished rentals more eco-friendly: a woman standing on a ladder changing an LED lightbulb, a man holding ladder.

Furnished rentals set up in an eco-friendly way help the environment, reduce energy costs and have an impact on rental income. Here are our top 5 tips for landlords to make mid-term rental apartments more sustainable.