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Wunderflats Director of People Jennifer Wiemann
Wunderflats’ Director of People Jennifer Wiemann discusses career development on HR Weekly
Wunderflats Director of People discussed career development...
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Wunderflats CPO, Emmi Meurling
Wunderflats' CPO Emmi Meurling on female leadership
Wunderflats' CPO, Emmi Meurling joins the leadership podcast...
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Jan HUB (1)
Wunderflats' CEO, Jan Hase discusses leadership
Wunderflats' CEO speaks about leadership, the story behind...
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Wunderflats Plus: Professionally managed rentals
Launching Wunderflats Plus: the property management solution for furnished rentals
The Wunderflats Plus property management service frees landlords...
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Wunderflats arrives in Lyon<
Wunderflats is expanding its presence in France, bringing...
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European expansion: Wunderflats launches in France
Wunderflats has started its expansion into new European...
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