Wunderflats’ Director of People Jennifer Wiemann discusses career development on HR Weekly

Wunderflats Director of People discussed career development questions on the the HR Weekly podcast.
Wunderflats Director of People Jennifer Wiemann

Our Director of People, Jennifer Wiemann, spoke with Katharina Schulze from the HR Weekly podcast about career development. They embarked on a productive conversation about the different career levels and how they are defined. She highlighted the importance of communicating these to employees in a transparent manner in order to set expectations for their professional development.

Jennifer also provided valuable insights into useful methods for identifying employee potential to ensure their skills are maximized at all times, and talked about the most effective ways to track employees’ skills and competencies. They discussed the challenges employees face when taking full control of their careers and examined strategies for being in the driver’s seat of one’s professional trajectory.

Whether you’re a recruiter, a job seeker, or just want advice on your professional journey, this episode will have great insights for you.

Click here to listen to the full episode in German. 


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