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5 Benefits of Hosting Refugees in Your Home

Have you ever thought about hosting refugees in your home? Here are 5 ways you and your community can benefit from welcoming refugees.

written by Wunderflats

24. August 2023 24-08-2023

Wunderflats’ Director of People Jennifer Wiemann discusses career development on HR Weekly

Wunderflats Director of People discussed career development questions on the the HR Weekly podcast.

written by Wunderflats

23. August 2023 23-08-2023

Wunderflats’ CPO Emmi Meurling on female leadership

Wunderflats’ CPO, Emmi Meurling joins the leadership podcast to discuss female leadership and its challenges

written by Wunderflats

11. August 2023 11-08-2023

How Volunteering Makes You a Better Entrepreneur

The benefits of volunteering and how this can impact your health and entrepreneurial skills positively

written by Wunderflats

8. August 2023 08-08-2023

Learn the steps to welcoming refugees into your home 

Our guide will help you prepare for welcoming refugees into your home.

written by Wunderflats

2. August 2023 02-08-2023

Temporary Housing Update: July 2023

This newsletter discusses the concerning housing crisis across Germany and offers potential solutions

written by Wunderflats

25. July 2023 25-07-2023

Companies That Do Good

How companies can contribute to the community and Wunderflats’ new initiative Helfende Wände.

written by Wunderflats

24. July 2023 24-07-2023

Temporary Housing Update: Helfende Wände

Temporary Housing Update: Helfende Wände (Helping Walls) special edition

written by Wunderflats

12. July 2023 12-07-2023

Helfende Wände: the new platform connecting refugees from Ukraine with homeowners

Helfende Wände: the new platform connecting refugees from Ukraine with homeowners in Germany

written by Wunderflats

10. July 2023 10-07-2023

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