Keep up to date with the latest news from Wunderflats, including housing trends and support for refugees.

Temp Housing 2023
Temporary Housing Update: November 2023
Temporary Housing Update: articles on the importance of...
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Temp Housing Oct 2023
Temporary Housing Update: October 2023
Housing update about the challenges in new housing construction...
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Temporary Housing Update from Wunderflats: policy discussions on refugees arriving in Germany. Children walking down a street in a refugee camp.
Temporary Housing Update: September 2023
Introduction to article about the importance of integrating...
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Wunderflats Temporary Housing Newsletter, August 2023. Market entry in France
Temporary Housing Update: August 2023
Article about Wunderflats expansion to France and the french...
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Wunderflats Director of People Jennifer Wiemann
Wunderflats’ Director of People Jennifer Wiemann discusses career development on HR Weekly
Wunderflats Director of People discussed career development...
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Wunderflats CPO, Emmi Meurling
Wunderflats' CPO Emmi Meurling on female leadership
Wunderflats' CPO, Emmi Meurling joins the leadership podcast...
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