Wunderflats’ CPO Emmi Meurling on female leadership

Wunderflats' CPO, Emmi Meurling joins the leadership podcast to discuss female leadership and its challenges
Wunderflats CPO, Emmi Meurling

Wunderflats’ CPO, Emmi Meurling, joined Sandra Patel from the Let’s Talk Leadership podcast to discuss different challenges of women in leadership. In this conversation, Emmi speaks about becoming a leader and the moment she discovered her passion for leading.

She also shares valuable advice on fighting imposter syndrome as a female leader and the challenges that she faces. Additionally, Emmi and Sandra talk about the importance of empathy in leaders and building a safe space for team members to grow in their careers.

Tune in to find out more valuable advice and learnings from this conversation here and don’t miss the article on 5 Leadership Lessons: the Path to Chief Product Officer shared by Transition Partners.

Wunderflats CEO Emmi Meurling was a special guest on the Let's Talk Leadership: The Culture Edit podcast with Sandra Pate. Cover image featuring the guest and the host.

You can also visit the Let’s Talk Leadership Podcast to listen to all things leadership.


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