Temporary Housing Update: November 2023

Temporary Housing Update: articles on the importance of collaboration between NGOs, the government and the private sector to address societal challenges.

Zeitwohnen: the Wunderflats Newsletter for the new form of Housing Mobility

Dear Readers, Dear friends of Zeitwohnen,

In view of the current developments around the world, reading the news can become a hard thing to do on some days. There are now two theatres of war on the edge of Europe, an increase in coronavirus infections as the winter season starts and more extreme weather events, such as floods and earthquakes. All of the above pose major challenges for people, companies and the state.

All of these challenges need to be addressed simultaneously, something that can hardly be accomplished by the state alone given its limited logistical and human resources. So what is the solution? Numerous collaborations between NGOs, the private sector and government agencies at federal, state and municipal level have shown that civil society and companies are strong partners in times of crisis and that even the greatest challenges can be overcome in this way. This is made possible by a unique combination of state structures and financial resources with the innovative power of the market and responsible companies.

In the current issue of our newsletter, we want to shed light on this cooperation and develop recommendations on how future crises can be managed even better by the state and companies working together. I look forward to a constructive exchange and hope you enjoy reading this issue.

I look forward to a constructive exchange and hope you enjoy reading this issue.

Jan Hase

CEO, Wunderflats


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