Temporary Housing Update: September 2023

Introduction to article about the importance of integrating foreign skilled workers in Germany
Temporary Housing Update from Wunderflats: policy discussions on refugees arriving in Germany. Children walking down a street in a refugee camp.

Zeitwohnen: The Wunderflats Newsletter for the new Form of Housing Mobility

Dear readers, dear friends of Zeitwohnen,

Cities and municipalities have been calling attention for months to overburdened reception facilities in the wake of rising numbers of refugees arriving in Germany. The federal government is trying to provide support to the best of its abilities. This is reflected in the increase in funds allocated to the migration and integration budget, even though all ministries are called upon to reduce spending in the current budget
planning. However, there will only be real relief in the municipalities if, firstly, accommodation is decentralized and, secondly, integration into the labor market is successful.

Housing provided by private individuals makes an important contribution to integration as the data reflects. This is because housing is thus accompanied by an individualized approach and integration into society and the labor market. We discuss this correlation mentioned above in this issue, showing the contribution that temporary housing can make beyond government money.

I look forward to a constructive exchange and hope you enjoy reading this issue!

Jan Hase

CEO, Wunderflats


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