Launching Wunderflats Plus: the property management solution for furnished rentals

The Wunderflats Plus property management service frees landlords from stress and the workload that comes with furnished rentals.
Wunderflats Plus: Professionally managed rentals

The new Wunderflats Plus property management service frees landlords from stress and the workload that comes with furnished rentals.

  • Professional rental management services are the easiest way for landlords to make sure on-site tasks are efficiently organized, occupancy rates stay high, and rental income is continuously optimized
  • Landlords can outsource the complete process from finding the right tenants, through maintenance and administrative tasks, all the way to making sure the apartment never stays empty
  • Furnishing services offer an effective way to optimize the value of the rental property
  • Reduce operational challenges associated with traditional unfurnished rentals

A landlord’s responsibilities go far beyond just handing over the keys. From verifying the tenant’s identity to credit checks, on-site inventory checks, and end-of-tenancy cleaning, furnished rentals can bring a huge amount of work. This is where the newly launched Wunderflats Plus service comes in, covering all these tasks. But it doesn’t stop here, the service also makes a world of difference with its strategies for optimizing rental income and maximizing returns on investment. It continuously evaluates metrics for demand, revenue, and cost forecasts, to make sure that the rental property is used to its fullest potential. The Wunderflats Plus team can also furnish the apartment and create listings tailored to tenants’ needs. 

The property management service is especially suitable for landlords who travel frequently, manage several properties in different cities or are busy with their regular work, and use real estate as a passive income. The service is already successful in Berlin and Hamburg, it has just been launched in Munich with more cities coming soon.

Professional rental property management, on-site solutions and high occupancy rates 

For many landlords, the effort needed to travel to their rental property to check on things or to hand over a key is just too high. This is especially true when they have rentals at several locations, are often abroad, or are busy with their regular work. Furnished and mid-term rentals need even more frequent visits for on-site support and need more administrative effort due to the changing tenants.

With its new service, Wunderflats not only provides the platform for mid-term furnished rentals, but it also frees landlords from time-consuming and resource-intensive day-to-day tasks. Housing experts specialized in rental property management create professional listings, organize in-person viewings, arrange the handover of apartments and keys, select and communicate with the tenants, check the inventory lists, fix internet issues, and manage maintenance, repair works as well as end-of-tenancy cleaning. They also continuously adjust the price based on demand, react to new requests, and negotiate the start and end dates with tenants that eliminates unrented days.

The service also includes the Wunderflats standards: verified tenants, fast and secure contracting, a professional photo shoot of the apartment, and professional support. Landlords pay 20% of the monthly rent plus taxes for Wunderflats Plus, the listing on the Wunderflats platform is already included. Charges only apply on successful bookings, while services continue throughout any vacant periods free of charge.

“We have hit a nerve with our offer,” says Cristina Sala Blesa, Director of Business Development at Wunderflats. “Wunderflats is the preferred option for landlords who want to maximize their income and have flexibility with their real estate assets in Germany. In Berlin and Hamburg, where we already offer the service, demand increased by 70% last year.”

Before Wunderflats Plus

After Wunderflats Plus

Furnishing advice and a furnishing service all in one

The Furnishing Service with Wunderflats Plus goes beyond just furnishing, it offers a comprehensive and tailored solution for setting up the property for rentals. To determine whether the apartment is suitable for furnished rentals, the process starts with an assessment. The team then calculates the monthly expenses and the potential rental income and suggests furnishing styles that will appeal to the target audience and fit the particular requirements of the space.

The Wunderflats Plus property management approach also ensures that the apartment is move-in ready, complete with furniture, electronic appliances, decorations as well as textiles such as bed linens, cleaning and laundry supplies, and kitchenware.

“Once the furnishing process is complete, we organize the deep cleaning and arrange a professional photo shoot to showcase the property in the best light. Our team then crafts an engaging listing and promptly takes it online to generate rental income without delay”, says Cristina Sala Blesa.

To find out more about our property management service, visit the Wunderflats Plus website, or simply book a consultation with our experts on this link.


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