How to Reclaim Unpaid Rent in France in 7 Steps

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Explore a detailed guide for landlords on how to manage situations when tenants miss their rent payments. Learn about the legal steps you can take and proactive strategies to reduce risks.

How to Legally Increase Rent in France: Know the Rules

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Are you aware of how rent adjustments work in France? Each year, landlords might have the option to increase rent, but only if they stick to guidelines set by a government index known as ‘L’Indice de Référence des Loyers’. Do you know when rent hikes aren’t allowed, even at lease renewal? If you are curious to learn more about these rules and how they might affect you, keep reading.

Absentee Landlords in France: How to Make Managing Properties Easy

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Property ownership could be an investment, particularly in sought-after locations like France. However, becoming an absentee landlord comes with its challenges. Here are some practical suggestions to help you effectively manage your French rental property even while you are far away.

Complete List of Tenant Duties in the French Apartment Rentals

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Embarking on a rental journey in France means more than just signing a lease; it involves embracing a suite of responsibilities that ensure both peace and functionality in your new home. From the adrenaline of timely rent payments to the satisfaction of maintaining your space, every tenant has a pivotal role in crafting their living experience.

Tenant in Situ: Useful Advice You Need to Know

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If the tenant is renting a furnished place, you might wonder what happens if the owner decides to sell it while the tenant lives there. In this guide, we’ve gathered everything you need to know about buying a property with tenants in situ.

Practical Benefits of Furnished Apartments in France

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Furnished apartments in France offer a practical housing solution, particularly well-suited for students, expatriates, and those seeking short-term stays. Learn more about the practical benefits of furnished apartments in France.

Expert Tips for Finding the Right Tenant Attorney in France

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French law protects tenants, covering rent, deposits, eviction, and maintenance. If you have a disagreement with your landlord or need help with your lease, a lawyer can guide you and protect your interests. We give you ultimate tips for finding the right tenant attorney.