Guidelines for Tenants on Giving Notice to Vacate a Property in France

Learn about the critical aspects of terminating a rental lease as a tenant. There are specific exceptions that may allow you to end your lease early or even depart without providing prior notice. The regulations may vary depending on whether you are renting alone or living with a partner. Understanding how to properly give notice is crucial to ensure compliance with rental laws.

Giving Targeted Notices to Tenants in France: Useful Tips

Get to know the complexities of lease termination in France, focusing on how to properly compose a lease termination letter (lettre de résiliation de bail) to avoid legal issues. We’ll assist you through this process to secure a legally compliant and effective resolution.

Important Reasons a Landlord Can Evict a Tenant in France

Two women are sitting at a table, talking. One woman is holding a tablet.

Gain insight into process of eviction due to non-payment of rent in the private rental sector. Evicting tenants involves lengthy procedures, complex legalities, and significant expenses. We’ll help you navigate this intricate process to ensure a lawful and efficient resolution.

Subletting in Germany – What you need to know

The most relevant regulations from tenancy law, the regulations for renting out as a holiday home as well as the special case of social housing, which you should consider for successful subletting.

The Legal Pitfalls of Holiday Rentals in Germany

Find out here what pitfalls vacation rentals present and how you can safely rent in the future. Vacation rentals and the ban on the misuse of property Ban on misuse: What is behind it? For you as a landlord/-lady of a vacation home, one thing is crucial: the intensive examination of the legal regulations on […]