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Moving to Paris: a man with a packed suitcase sitting in a living room, happily exploring a globe.

Moving to Paris: why expats love this city

Thinking about moving to Paris? A fantastic choice! This guide will tell you why, and help you find the perfect apartment.

written by Wunderflats

28. September 2023 28-09-2023

How to Get Your Residence Permit in Germany

Whether planning to work or study in Germany, this handy guide will help you sort the paperwork: read on to learn how get a residence permit in Germany.

written by Wunderflats

25. September 2023 25-09-2023

The City Guide to Nuremberg

This comprehensive guide to Nuremberg will help you get started, whether you plan to work or study in this this quintessential German city.

written by Wunderflats

18. September 2023 18-09-2023

The City Guide to Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is known globally as a business metropolis and is undoubtedly one of the leading business cities in Germany. As a result, there is an influx of young professionals and […]

written by Wunderflats

1. September 2023 01-09-2023

Taking a job in France? Get started with our relocation guide

Our relocation guide for professional transfers will help you find the best solutions for your move and finding the ideal temporary accommodation.

written by Wunderflats

18. August 2023 18-08-2023

The City Guide to Hamburg

This guide to Hamburg will let you know the ins and outs of the second largest city in Germany. If you’re planning to work or study there, this is your perfect starting point.

written by Wunderflats

15. August 2023 15-08-2023

The City Guide to Munich

This comprehensive guide to Munich is for anyone planning to live and work or study in this amazing city.

written by Wunderflats

17. July 2023 17-07-2023

The guide to finding furnished apartments in France

Finding a furnished apartment in France can be a challenge. This guide will take you through the steps and help avoid pitfalls.

written by Wunderflats

7. July 2023 07-07-2023

The psychology behind looking for a rental home

Furnished? Unfurnished? Where to look? The psychology behind finding a rental home and how it influences our wellbeing.

written by Wunderflats

7. July 2023 07-07-2023

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