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6 easy tips for more furnished rentals

Looking for smart tips to get more bookings for your furnished apartment? Then you've come to the right place.

As part of Wunderflats, you help people find a new home wherever they can embrace unique opportunities. To help you find suitable tenants for your apartment, we have put together the following tips.

Optimize your listing with just a few clicks to receive more booking requests and thus more bookings:

1. The perfect listing: For a realistic first impression of your apartment

What helps to get more booking requests, besides a reasonable rental price? 

    A detailed and informative listing text

    This is the best opportunity to convince prospective tenants of your Wunderflat. Always make sure to write the text in English and German to increase the number of potential tenants.

    We use an algorithm to analyze the information you provide in your listing. We then show your listing first to those tenants who are most likely interested in your apartment. The more helpful information you provide, the more tenants you are likely to attract.

      Expressive photos

      Listings with a broad selection of high-quality pictures achieve up to 25% higher demand on Wunderflats. Listings with at least 20 photos are most successful with us. Read more on that topic here.

      You can find an overview and our top tips for setting up the perfect listing on Wunderflats here.

      2. The ideal furniture: For a feel-good home

      As soon as they arrive, Wunderflats’ tenants want to feel at home. Your apartment should therefore be equipped with all the basics for a comfortable and functional everyday life. Often it’s the little things that make an apartment particularly worth living in, such as an extra blanket on the couch. 

      Nearly 60% of our tenants rent a Wunderflat for professional reasons. Especially now with the increase in people working from home, a reliable, fast internet connection, a comfortable office chair and a desk are particularly important for many people.

      Make sure you mention these features in the text of your listing and show photos of them. You can find more tips on furnishing in this post.

      3. Flexibility: Quick reaction is key

        Adjusting the rent or minimum rental period

        If you are receiving fewer booking requests than usual, we recommend that you temporarily reduce your rental price or adjust the minimum rental period. This will bring you closer to the current needs of your tenants.

        Quick responses are helpful for both sides

        Landlords who respond to requests from prospective tenants within one day receive more actual bookings. With short reaction times, you increase your chances of renting out successfully. At the same time, you help tenants find a home more quickly.

        4. The perfect booking dates: For the best possible occupancy rate

        Always keep the availability of your Wunderflat up to date, so that potential tenants can make a suitable booking request. To do this, select Availability in your dashboard. Either import the availability from your iCalendar or enter it manually.

        If interested tenants request a booking period that does not suit you, you can suggest a new booking period +/- one month.

        To do so, select the respective booking request in your dashboard and reject it with the option “Dates don’t work”. Then you can directly select your ideal move-in and/or move-out date. We will forward your suggestion to the potential tenants. You can find out more about this in our FAQ

        5. The bureaucratic side: For a smooth registration process

        For many tenants, the possibility of registering with the authorities (Anmeldung) is a crucial factor for choosing a new home. In your listing, you can indicate the option to hand out a lessor’s confirmation of residence (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung) to your tenants as a feature of your apartment. This will make your flat more visible and attractive to potential tenants.

        You can find a detailed article on this topic in our hub:  The confirmation of residence for temporary housing (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung).

        6. Secure apartment change: For a safe tenancy

        Creating security on both sides. Even after the times of Covid, the following points are particularly important to many potential tenants:

          • If possible, offer a virtual tour of your apartment via video call instead of an on-site viewing appointment.

          • Only arrange a hand-over of keys when you and your tenants feel healthy.

          • If there is a change of tenant, make sure that thorough final cleaning of your apartment is done before new tenants move in.


        Improve the attractiveness and visibility of your Wunderflat now and increase the number and quality of booking requestsOptimise your listing now or send any questions about your Wunderflats listing to

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        Carina Heye
        Carina Heye has been with Wunderflats since 2018. Her area of expertise covers topics around temporary housing.


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