The City Guide to Frankfurt am Main

This expat guide to Frankfurt will let to know how to get started and where to find a place to live, whether you are planning a move to the city to work, study.
A view of the Financial District of Frankfurt am Main: the guide to Frankfurt.

For those planning a move to Frankfurt am Main or are already living in Germany as an expat, there are plenty of reasons why the city is an ideal place to live. From its convenient location in the center of Europe to its wide range of cultural activities and attractions, Frankfurt offers something for everyone. This comprehensive guide to Frankfurt will show you the ins and outs of the city and give you tips on where to find a place to live and what to explore.

An Introduction to Frankfurt

When you think of Frankfurt, you may immediately imagine its role as a major financial center or the home of the European Central Bank. But it’s much more than that! The city stands out for its perfect blend of history and modernity. It is also the fifth largest city in Germany, located along the Main River and home to nearly 800,000 people. Whether you are looking for a job or just want to explore the city’s unique culture, you will find that this city has something in store for you.

A view of the Frankfurt am Main skyline

Frankfurt is a city with a long and fascinating history dating back to Roman times. It was once part of Charlemagne’s realm and later became a free imperial city under the Holy Roman Empire. Today, it is known as an important financial center in Germany, but its past lives on in the many historical monuments such as the Römerberg Square or the Cathedral of Saint Bartholomew. 

Some of the top sights in Frankfurt include the Old Town, Museumsufer and the Frankfurt Zoo, to name a few. The city has a vibrant music scene with many clubs and venues playing live music every night. If you are a fan of classical music, you can also visit one of Frankfurt’s many concert halls. The city also has a great selection of art galleries, museums and theaters that are perfect for learning more about the city’s unique culture.

Where to Live in Frankfurt   

Finding the right serviced apartment in Frankfurt isn’t hard, but it takes a bit of time to search through the city’s different neighborhoods. While Frankfurt is not a huge city, there are many features to consider, from the nightlife of Sachsenhausen and Bornheim to the family-friendly streets of Höchst. Feel free to explore, get a feel for Frankfurt, and rent a furnished apartment in a district you would like to call home.

Living in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen

Sachsenhausen has a bit of everything, with world-class museums dedicated to Jewish history, ancient sculptures, film, and art alongside welcoming pubs that serve Frankfurt’s beloved Apfelwein, and plenty of clubs. And thanks to the Uniklinik, the university hospital, it’s also a youthful, student-friendly place to live.

The Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen Neighborhood: Sachsenhausen suits a younger crowd, thanks to its eateries, nightlife, pubs, and proximity to the university. Students and young singles will find it meets their needs, but anyone who loves museums and wants a rental apartment in a central location should consider Sachsenhausen as well.

Living in Frankfurt-Höchst

Located about 10 km west of Frankfurt itself, Höchst is more of a satellite town than a suburb. It has a culture of its own, with the hugely popular Höchster Schlossfest featuring amusements, theater, food, and music, as well as landmarks like St. Justin’s Church.

The Frankfurt-Höchst Neighborhood: Höchst is full of young families and younger people in general, with around a third of the population aged 25 or younger. It’s an ecologically-oriented neighborhood, with abundant green spaces, houses for rent, and good infrastructure for families.

Living in Frankfurt-Bockenheim

Bockenheim is a short distance northwest of Frankfurt’s city center, but it feels a world away from the business district, with a relaxed, cozy vibe and a multicultural population. Students are a big part of the community, thanks to the large Goethe University campus. The architecturally imaginative Bockenheimer Warte U-Bahn station also provides quick access to the city center.

The Frankfurt-Bockenheim Neighborhood: Bockenheim is a wonderful neighborhood for Goethe University students, but it’s equally suitable for young professionals and couples. If you want a relaxed area with plenty going on in the evenings, then this neighborhood is perfect for you.

Living in Frankfurt-Bornheim

One of Frankfurt’s most sociable neighborhoods (and once the red light district), Bornheim is the kind of place where visitors can easily join a Karneval club dedicated to organizing annual carnival celebrations to get to know the locals. The central Berger Straße is a street studded with cider houses and clubs, and Bornheim in general has a party atmosphere.

The Frankfurt-Bornheim Neighborhood
Despite being a fun-loving district, Bornheim isn’t only populated by younger people. In fact, it’s one of Frankfurt’s most mixed neighborhoods in terms of ethnicity, income, and age. If you love to meet new people you will be in good company here.

Guide to Frankfurt: Tower 185, a skyscraper in the middle of Frankfurt am Main

Living in Frankfurt-Innenstadt

Located in the center of Frankfurt, the Innenstadt (which translates to downtown) is home to iconic landmarks like the Eurotower and the Opera House. It’s very much a shopping nexus, with boutiques and chain stores on Die Zeil and Freßgass, which also hosts Frankfurt’s most upmarket eateries.

The Frankfurt-Innenstadt Neighborhood
The Innenstadt caters brilliantly to business visitors with a slightly larger budget and a taste for premium food and shopping. It covers all the bases: entertainment, convenience, high-quality housing, and security, making it ideal for people on work placements in the city.

Living in Frankfurt

Affluent and bustling with businesspeople, Frankfurt is Germany’s financial engine, but it’s more than that. With over 800,000 inhabitants and 16 districts, it’s not an urban giant by any means, but there’s so much going on. Youthful and creative, filled with superb museums, and with a calendar packed with carnivals and festivals, the city offers something for every kind of visitor.

Transport in Frankfurt

Germany’s cities are famous for their good transport options, and Frankfurt is no exception. While cars are popular, public transport provides easy access to wherever you need to go.

The Guide to Frankfurt am Main: the Central Station, Hauptbahnhof building

Public Transport
Frankfurt offers a mix of trams, Underground services, and overground trains that serve every district, so having a car isn’t necessary at all (unless you plan to explore more of Germany). VGF runs most services, including night liner buses that are handy for revelers. RMV runs the S-Bahn and U-Bahn services.

The Deutschland-Ticket is a new option introduced in 2023, allowing you to travel on all public transport all over Germany for only €49 per month. It also includes unlimited travel on all local trains, if you feel like exploring the country, it’s an excellent option. You can buy this ticket from Deutsche Bahn (DB), the German national railway company, online or at travel centers.

Frankfurt’s taxis are happy to ferry visitors around but generally aren’t needed due to the numerous public transport options. If you do choose to take a taxi, the base fare is generally €3.50-€4.00 and the rate per kilometer is around €3.00.

The city has a number of car-sharing services available, which offer a convenient and cost-effective way for expats to get around the city. Car-sharing services allow users to rent cars for short periods of time, meaning that they can avoid having to purchase their own vehicles or use public transport.

Food Delivery

Food delivery services in Frankfurt have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing food lovers with a convenient way to enjoy their favorite meals without having to leave the comfort of their homes. With the help of these services, customers can order food from a wide variety of restaurants located in and around the city.

Sightseeing in Frankfurt

There is no shortage of sights and experiences in Frankfurt. Here are some of the things to see and do while you are here.

Literally, the “Roman Mountain”, Römerberg is Frankfurt’s meeting place. This elegant 15th-century square hosts endless events, including the hugely popular Christmas Market.

The Guide to Frankfurt am Main: the Altstadt (Old Town) with 15th century buildings

Kaiserdom (Imperial Cathedral)
Frankfurt’s cathedral is hard to miss, as it soars above the river Main. Constructed from beautiful red sandstone from the 13th century, its 95-meter high tower provides wonderful vistas of the city center.

St. Paul’s Church
This protestant church made history in 1848 when it hosted Germany’s first democratically elected assembly, and when John F. Kennedy spoke there in 1963. Today it’s a key part of the city’s civic life, as the center of the world-famous Frankfurt Book Fair.

Börsenplatz (Stock Exchange Square)
The Börsenplatz is another unmissable Innenstadt sight. This square is dominated by the Neue Börse (new stock exchange building), which has led the way in European securities trading since the 19th century and looks set to thrive in the future.

Frankfurt’s Opera House is regularly voted the world’s finest, and it’s a magnet for high culture fans from around the world. Season tickets are recommended for those who love world-class opera singers.

Die Zeil
The city’s premier shopping destination, Die Zeil is crammed with jewelry boutiques, boutiques run by famous labels, electronics stores, and much more. It’s a treasure trove for retail lovers.

A view of the skyline of Frankfurt by the Main river: starting the Guide to Frankfurt

Welcome to Frankfurt!

Frankfurt is a great city for expats looking to start a new life abroad. With its vibrant culture, excellent infrastructure, and numerous job opportunities, Frankfurt has become one of the most attractive cities in Europe for international professionals. Whether you’re looking for an exciting career or simply want to experience life in a different country, Frankfurt has something to offer everyone. From its diverse population to its rich cultural heritage and attractions, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider moving to Frankfurt as an expat.

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