The guide to finding furnished apartments in France

Finding a furnished apartment in France can be a challenge. This guide will take you through the steps and help avoid pitfalls.
Expat sitting a ta desk looking out the window in. The guide to finding furnished apartments in France

Many people choose to relocate to France for work, financial or tax reasons. The country and its major cities are renowned for their relaxed way of life. The tricky question is, how do you find a furnished apartment for expats? Take a look at our guide to get started!

5 tips for finding the right furnished rental

1. Set a budget

First, you need to define your accommodation criteria and budget. This will enable you to refine your search for mid-term furnished apartments and save time.

2. Sharpen up your application

Next, you have to submit a rental application to the landlord. In larger cities, the rental market is quite competitive so having a solid application will help you stand out amongst other applicants.

Be careful when completing your application. You will need to provide information about your employment status, income, and past rent payments. Make sure that your details are accurate so that your application can be successful. In France, an expat rental may require a guarantor, a person who pledges to pay the rent and charges.

3. Prepare the guarantor’s documents

You may need a guarantor when renting in France as an expat. A guarantor is a person who guarantees the payment of the rent and other charges. This person can be a relative, a close friend, or any person willing to take legal responsibility for your rent, in case you fail to pay. Prepare the same documents that you already have for your guarantor. These include your ID, your last tax return, and your last 3 payslips. The guarantor is usually a natural person, a relative, or a close friend, but it can also be a legal entity, such as a social institution.

4. Check the rental prices

The majority of large cities in France are “tense zones” or “very tense zones”. This means that there is more demand than supply for housing. 

5. Identify some common pitfalls

Watch out for unpleasant surprises in your search for a furnished apartment!
Following the previous tip, start by finding out the price per square meter offered by landlords and real estate agencies. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the landlord or property owner with all your questions, especially if the property is furnished. Make sure you do a thorough inspection of the property and report any damages caused by previous tenants.

This is an opportunity to make a first selection before your visit, which can save you precious time!

Be cautious if there are no photos of the property or if the rental price is suspiciously low. Never send personal documents, such as identity cards or bank details, without meeting the landlord or property owner in person. Visit the apartment or house before sending any personal information.

Unless you use a specialized organization, do not rent a property without viewing it in person.
The best way is to go through a reliable platform such as Wunderflats to rent properties safely without being on-site!

Expat options: mid-term rentals

Whether you are coming to France for a few months for work or to study for a semester, consider a mid-term rental.
For expats who need accommodation in France for a period of 1 to 12 months, there is an ideal solution in the form of mid-term rentals. These leases, such as the Mobility or Civil Lease, provide the option to establish precise and adaptable rental periods with the landlord.

The mid-term lease is flexible and gives you greater control over your rental period. This means fewer constraints for you and the landlord, with the same level of security and protection as in a traditional rental contract. Now all you have to do is move in!

Find a furnished apartment easily with Wunderflats, whether you need it for a month or a year! Explore our wide selection of mid-term apartments that will make you feel right at home.


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