Hosting refugees from Ukraine: questions and answers

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When you welcome people into your home, you can make a world of a difference in their lives. Hosting refugees will also bring new situations and new questions. We have collected some of the first questions to help you get started on the Helfende Wände platform.

Where do I begin as a host?

The Helfende Wände platform connects people offering their homes to refugees in Germany, and those who had to leave their homes because of the devastating war in Ukraine. It offers a safe and easy way to set up a listing and receive booking requests. Head over to the website to get started.

Who is behind Helfende Wände?

The platform has been set up by Wunderflats, Germany’s market leader for mid-term furnished living, in partnership with the non-profit organization ProjectTogether. The initiative aims to provide all types of accommodation to help refugees find homes according to their needs.

Is the platform safe?

Safety is a top priority for us. To keep all users of the platform safe, we ask both those offering their homes and those in need of housing to verify their identity. We offer this service in collaboration with our secure partner Veriff.

Is the platform free to use?

Yes. Wunderflats offers this service on Helfende Wände free of charge.

How should I set the rental price?

You can support refugees by offering housing for free or at reduced rates. When calculating the rental price for a furnished apartment, consider location, size, the number of beds and furniture, and local comparative rental rates.

Can I offer a spare room?

You can offer a house, an entire apartment, or a spare room.

Can I sublet an apartment to refugees?

‍If you are a tenant in a rental apartment and would like to host people for more than 6-8 weeks, you need permission from your landlord. The same applies to hosting refugees. For more information, visit the Help Center on Helfende Wände.

Does the space need to be furnished?

You can offer housing without furniture, but please keep in mind that most refugees arrive in Germany with only the bare essentials. You can support them by providing basic furniture.

Is there any financial support from the government available for letting Ukrainian refugees use my property?

Refugees from Ukraine can receive housing support. In certain cases payments are made to the housing providers, depending on local regulations. To find out more, visit the Jobcenter website.

Where can I find more information on hosting refugees?

If you need further information, our Support Team will be happy to help, you can contact us via email. To learn more and get started as a host, visit helfendewaende.de.

(Originally published 13.09.2023)


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