Landlord Stories: Choosing Mid-term Rentals in France

Would you like to rent out your apartment? Find out why mid-term rentals are the right choice for so many property owners in France.

Would you like to rent out your apartment? Find out why mid-term rentals are the right choice for so many property owners in France. Meet Anaïs, a private landlord who took her first steps with Wunderflats, and hear why Gail and Véronique, two professional landladies in Paris chose the platform.

Getting started with mid-term rentals in Paris

Anaïs, a private landlady in Paris, listed her furnished apartment on Wunderflats. When she had to leave her apartment for a few months, she immediately realized that she needed to rent it out to continue paying her mortgage. She spoke to a friend who advised her to use the platform, which connects property owners in touch with thousands of verified tenants looking for mid-term rentals.

She was looking to rent out her apartment without rearranging it, including with furniture, bedsheets, electricity, internet setup, and all other practicalities, so she could get it back as soon as she returned. In this case, mid-term furnished rentals, the type of temporary rentals that allow you to rent out your apartment for between 1 and 12 months, are the ideal solution in France with the use of the Mobility Lease and the Civil Lease, specifying the start and end dates of the tenancy.

As Anaïs was starting out in the furnished rental market, she needed support and guidance at every stage: from setting up the listing, through managing booking requests, to setting up and signing the rental agreement and beyond. Having a dedicated contact at Wunderflats meant she could take her first steps with confidence. She also needed to be reassured about the profile of potential tenants, to avoid the problems that typically arise for landlords, particularly with long-term unfurnished rentals. The platform’s ability to check the identity and solvency of tenants was a real advantage that won Anaïs over.

The easy way to manage furnished rentals

Gail, a professional landlady in Paris, manages the rentals of her furnished apartments through the Wunderflats platform. She’s in charge of the management of around 30 properties in the French capital on behalf of the owners, renting them out on a mid-term basis. 

Gail travels a lot. So she needed a platform she could use anywhere in the world, anytime, to easily manage booking requests. With its ease of use, Wunderflats met her expectations. She also wanted to save time on the administrative management of tenant files. The verification routine at Wunderflats, checking the identity and financial solvency of potential tenants, was also a real plus for her.

Choosing profitability with a positive impact on urban housing

Véronique, a professional landlady in Paris, has opted for mid-term furnished rentals for her apartments in Paris. She manages around 40 properties in the capital, these are second homes owned by Parisians. She rents them out with the Mobility Lease, a type of rental agreement used for furnished temporary housing in France.

Véronique mostly rents to professionals staying for periods of between 1 and 10 months. Her tenants include company directors, managers, employees, consultants, and digital nomads, as well as students, trainees and work-study students, both French and international expats.

She has diversified her offering by adding mid-term furnished rentals through Wunderflats, this way, she has optimised the profitability of her rentals and has taken a long-term approach to housing in the city of Paris. Tenants with mid-term rentals stay in an apartment for an average of three to four months, and up to 10 months. Unlike with short-term tourist lets, the property is rented for residential use. This means, tenants take care of the apartment and live the Parisian life over a longer period, reducing the problems often related to seasonal rentals and short-term use.

Véronique also wanted to receive secure booking requests with reliable tenant records. So Wunderflats was an obvious choice.

Ready to get started as a landlord?

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