Landlord Stories: Getting Started with Furnished Rentals

Thinking about renting out your property? Hear from successful landlords about how they’ve got their start with Wunderflats and how they benefit from renting out their furnished rentals on the platform. In this article, you can find out how Alisa manages rentals in Berlin and how Lisa can travel the world and rent out her apartment in Dortmund.

Starting as a Landlord in Berlin

When Alisa moved to Berlin, she immediately understood the challenges of finding an apartment as a tenant. When expats, professionals, students, and families move to a new city, they need accommodation that is ready to move in, and that can be rented through a trusted source without a lengthy or complicated process, not to mention the daunting paperwork. She found a furnished rental apartment through Wunderflats easily and realized this experience could work similarly well for landlords.

Once she was ready to rent out her own place, she got her start with Wunderflats. Knowing the process on the platform as a tenant already, she enjoyed the new services she received as a landlady, including help setting up the rental listing, a photo service to show the apartment in the best light, and the verification of tenants. With this support, she has found a way to rent out her apartment with ease and went on to add a second property for mid-term rentals.

To find out more about tenants who use temporary furnished rentals, read our summary here.

Traveling the World as a Landlord

Lisa and her husband come from Dortmund in Germany. They dreamed of traveling the world and found a way to make it happen. Setting up a furnished rental can be a big step in itself, but how do you manage a property remotely?

Like others who want to rent out their property while they are away, Lisa found the solution with  Wunderflats. The platform allowed the couple to keep traveling, and even to add a second apartment, all the while managing their furnished rentals online.

The support that made this possible included smart online tools, including a dashboard to manage property listings and booking requests. They also received administrative solutions like contracts and apartment handover documents, and the key to a platform they could trust, identity and solvency checks for tenants. Most of all, these solutions coupled with guidance from a communicative and helpful team made it easy to navigate the process all the way from Taiwan, Vietnam and Australia.

How can I get started as a landlord?

If you’d like to learn more about setting up furnished rentals and finding the right tenants, our articles will guide you along:


Ready to get started as a landlord?

To set up your Wunderflats account in just a few minutes, head over to wunderflats.com.

If you are looking for the easiest way to set up and rent out your apartment, if you’re planning to travel or have a property far from your home, the property management solution will be your best option: with Wunderflats Plus you can leave it all to a team of professionals. From furnishing and maintenance to taking photos and setting up a listing, all the way to finding and communicating with tenants, they will make sure the apartment doesn’t stay empty. To get started, visit Wunderflats Plus.

If you have any questions, our Team will be happy to help you at realestate@wunderflats.com.



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