Helpful Ukrainian Phrases for Those Hosting Refugees

A collection of Ukrainian phrases to help you create a warm and welcoming environment when hosting refugees from Ukraine.
Useful Ukrainian Phrases for people hosting refugees. A young woman waving hello.

You can make a real difference in people’s lives by hosting refugees. People who arrive in Germany from Ukraine had to leave their homes, and are looking for a safe place to stay. To help you create a warm and welcoming environment and bridge the language barrier, we’ve put together a collection of useful phrases in Ukrainian. Let’s dive in!

Ukrainian Phrases for Hosts

Hello! Добрий день! Dobri den
Welcome! Ласкаво просимо! Laskavo prosimo!
My name is Мене звати Mene zvaty
What is your name? Як вас звати? Yak vas zvaty?
Please Будь ласка Bood laska
Thank you Дякую Dyakuyu
You’re welcome Нема за що. Nema za shcho
Could you repeat that? Повторіть, будь ласка. Povtoreet, bood laska.
Sorry Вибач. Vybach
Yes Так Tak
No Ні Nee
Good morning! Доброго ранку! Dobroho ranku
Good evening! Добрий вечір! Dobryi vechir
Good night! На добраніч! Na dobranich
Goodbye До побачення. Do pobachennya
I will come back. Я повернуся. Ya povernusya
Don’t worry Не хвилюйся. Ne khvylyuysya
I don’t understand Я не розумію. Ya ne rozumiyu
I don’t know Я не знаю. Ya ne znayu
How are you? Як ти? Yak ty
I’m happy to see you. Радий був тебе бачити. Radyi buv tebe bachyty
Tomorrow Завтра. Zavtra
The day after tomorrow Післязавтра Pislyazavtra
Next week наступного тижня Nastupnoho tyzhnya
Did you sleep well? Ви добре спали? Vy dobre spaly?
At home Вдома Vdoma
This is your room. Це твоя кімната. Tse tvoya kimnata
This is the kitchen. Це кухня. Tse kukhnya
This is the bathroom. Це ванна кімната. Tse vanna kimnata
Family Сім’я Sim’ya
Daughter дочка Dochka
Son син Seen
Sister сестра Sestra
Brother брат Brat
Mother мати Maty
Father батько Bat’ko
Grandmother Бабуся Babusya
Grandfather дід Deed
One Один Odeeen
Two Два Dva
Three Три Tree
Four Чотири Chotyry
Five П’ять Pyat’
Six Шість Shist’
Seven Сім Seem
Eight Вісім Visim
Nine Дев’ять Dev’yat’
Ten Десять Desyat’

Further language support

We hope these Ukrainian phrases will help you find easy ways to communicate and build mutual understanding. If you need further help with specific words or sentences, you can use websites and apps like Deepl or Google Translate, which give convenient translations.

If you’d like to help your tenants find language support, you can guide them to one of the many language courses and integration courses available in Germany. These are free of charge as long as they receive benefits, you can find more information here.

How can I support Ukrainian refugees with accommodation?

You can offer accommodation to refugees on the Helfende Wände (Helping Walls) platform, which offers a safe and easy way to set up a listing and receive booking requests. Set up by Wunderflats in partnership with the non-profit organization ProjectTogether, it connects people offering their homes in Germany and people who had to leave their homes due to Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. The platform is free to use, you can learn more and get started as a host by visiting helfendewaende.de.

(Originally published 06.09.2024)



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