Landlord Stories: Getting Started with Furnished Rentals

Thinking about renting out your property? Hear from successful landlords about how they’ve got their start with Wunderflats and how they benefit from renting out their furnished rentals on the platform. In this article, you can find out how Alisa manages rentals in Berlin and how Lisa can travel the world and rent out her […]

How to set up house rules for mid-term rental properties in Germany

Tenant couple reads house rules for a mid-term rental apartment.

House rules regulate the rights, obligations and coexistence when several parties live under one roof. They are essential in any shared apartment building. The house rules are part of the rental agreement or are posted in the stairwell of the apartment building. Since your tenants usually form part of a house community, you should provide […]

5 tips for furnishing your apartment for mid-term rentals

In addition to the location and size, the furnishings in a mid-term rental apartment have a big influence on the rent. It is often the little things that make an apartment particularly livable and increase the feel-good feeling for the tenants. Based on our experience, here are some tips for the ideal furnishings for your […]