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Landlord Stories: Getting Started with Furnished Rentals

Thinking about renting out your property? Hear from successful landlords about how they’ve got their start with Wunderflats and how they benefit from renting out their furnished rentals on the […]

written by Wunderflats

11. October 2023 11-10-2023

The psychology behind looking for a rental home

Furnished? Unfurnished? Where to look? The psychology behind finding a rental home and how it influences our wellbeing.

written by Wunderflats

7. July 2023 07-07-2023

Wunderflats’ CEO, Jan Hase discusses leadership

Wunderflats’ CEO speaks about leadership, the story behind Wunderflats and more

written by Wunderflats

14. June 2023 14-06-2023

5 tips to make furnished rentals eco-friendly

Making rentals eco-friendly isn’t just good for the environment. It also reduces your energy costs and has an impact on your income. Here are our top 5 tips for making your mid-term rental apartment more sustainable.

written by Wunderflats

7. June 2023 07-06-2023

How to set up house rules for mid-term rental properties in Germany

House rules regulate the rights, obligations and coexistence when several parties live under one roof. They are essential in any shared apartment building. The house rules are part of the […]

written by Carina Heye

20. June 2022 20-06-2022

The difference between private and commercial rentals in Germany

There are many questions when it comes to temporary rentals in Germany: Can I rent out a furnished apartment temporarily as a private person? Or are commercial rentals the way?

written by Katharina Meinecke

20. June 2022 20-06-2022

The security deposit – All you need to know when renting out your furnished apartment in Germany

This overiew will guide you through the legal provisions regarding security deposits for landlords in Germany.

written by Katharina Meinecke

16. June 2022 16-06-2022

The 5 Dos & Don’ts of taking apartment photos

Perfect photos are vital for renting out your apartment successfully. We have compiled the 5 most important Dos & Don’ts for your apartment photos.

written by Hanna Melcher

16. June 2022 16-06-2022

Temporary furnished housing: What it is and who uses it

What is temporary furnished housing? Who uses it?
Why are temporary furnished apartments attractive to tenants? We give you the answers.

written by Katharina Meinecke

16. June 2022 16-06-2022

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