The psychology behind looking for a rental home

Furnished? Unfurnished? Where to look? The psychology behind finding a rental home and how it influences our wellbeing.

There’s an excitement that comes along with renting a new apartment – hunting, finding it, signing the lease, and finally moving in. 

Furnished? Unfurnished?

The significance that the home has on people’s lives, even if temporary, is often underestimated. The home can have a profound impact on various aspects, including career, relationships, and overall well-being. The location people choose to call home plays an important role in shaping opportunities and experiences.

What happens when people decide whether to rent a furnished or unfurnished apartment? According to a study by Oxford Economics on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Justice, more and more people end up opting for furnished ones…

Man sitting comfortably in an armchair in the living room of a furnished home.

The Search

As for what renters take note of during their search of any city, nothing is more important than price and location, but many also think about the neighborhood, utilities, square footage, and specific amenities. While excitement runs high, stress and feeling overwhelmed are two common emotions that people often experience during their apartment search.

Location, location, location!

One of the main considerations is the location and the overall quality of life one can expect in a particular place. Factors such as safety, cleanliness, and access to green spaces. Living in a safe and clean environment promotes peace of mind and allows people to focus on their personal and professional goals without unnecessary distractions.

One of the key factors that make the psychology of looking for a home so significant is its impact on professional careers. The place where people live can have a significant influence on job opportunities. Large cities often provide a wide range of career options, with access to major industries and a diverse pool of talented professionals. On the other hand, smaller towns may offer a strong sense of community and a more relaxed pace of life, which can be appealing to those seeking work-life balance and to those who prefer working remotely.

A living room with in a furnished home.

Never underestimate the space

The popular expression rightly advocates “home sweet home” but have you ever wondered why?

The spaces people choose to occupy have a massive influence on their moods, feelings, behavior, and physical well-being. The psychology of space refers to the interaction between people and the space they inhabit. How the human brain and cognition are affected by varying elements in that space, which range from color and lighting to furniture and art. The study also states that “an environment’s representation can influence perceived pleasantness and purchasing decisions.”

This perception seems to ring true based on the latest report (June 2023) of Oxford Economics by the German Federal Ministry of Justice, where people were asked during their search for rental properties if they specifically searched for a place that is furnished. Surprisingly, 67% of people who rented a furnished apartment were not explicitly looking for something furnished. 54% of them reported that they chose a furnished apartment over an unfurnished apartment because it’s reasonably priced, while 39% because the amenities made them choose it.

Making informed decisions about where to live requires careful consideration of individual needs and aspirations. This can also be an opportunity for those looking to rent their apartment as furnished homes seem to have increasing popularity among renters.



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