Temporary Housing Update: April 2023 Newsletter

Zeitwohnen: The Wunderflats Newsletter about Temporary Housing - April 2023
The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Zeitwohnen: The Wunderflats Newsletter for the New Form of Housing Mobility

Dear Readers, Dear Friends of Zeitwohnen,

Wunderflats has been closely connected with the city of Berlin since the day it was founded. As founders, we happily look back on many professional and private years in Berlin. Therefore, we are also eagerly following the formation of the new state government and its ideas and projects for the coming years. However, even as convinced and proud Berliners, we cannot deny that the capital is facing many challenges.

Two questions are particularly close to our hearts. First: how can sufficient housing be created to meet the needs of all people? And second: how can Berlin be developed into the German “digital capital” that remains attractive for innovative start-ups?

In the current issue of our newsletter, we take a look at what the coalition partners have planned in this regard in their coalition agreement and what else can be done.

I hope you will enjoy reading our newsletter!

Jan Hase

CEO, Wunderflats


Click here to read the April 2023 issue of Zeitwohnen: The Temporary Housing Update


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