Temporary Housing Update: July 2023

This newsletter discusses the concerning housing crisis across Germany and offers potential solutions

Zeitwohnen: The Wunderflats Newsletter for the New Form of Housing Mobility

Dear Readers, Dear Friends of Zeitwohnen,

The housing market is not easing. Year by year, month by month, reports of rising rents pile up. People are worried. Because housing is not a normal economic good. It is home. We associate it with many emotions as well as existential necessity. My personal concern is that housing will become even more emotionally charged and politicized than it already is if we don’t start easing the housing market soon.

Temporary furnished housing cannot solve the housing crisis alone – truly it cannot. Furnished apartments represent a small niche in a huge market. But more flexibility in the housing market can be achieved through temporary housing. And that can at least be a big relief for the far too inflexible and slow conventional housing market – and thus be part of a larger strategy.

In this issue, we show possible solutions for the housing crisis and describe the contribution that temporary furnished housing can make.

I am always available for a constructive and progressive exchange and hope you enjoy reading this issue.

Yours sincerely,

Jan Hase

CEO, Wunderflats


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