Temporary Housing Update: May 2023 Newsletter

May 2023 update on temporary housing: increase need of flexibility in housing and shift to digitalization
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Zeitwohnen: The Wunderflats Newsletter for the New Form of Housing Mobility

Dear Readers, Dear Friends of Zeitwohnen,

The world is growing ever closer together, distances are becoming smaller and borders are being overcome. But as flexibility increases, so does the complexity of things. Be it new digitalized processes, data protection requirements, sustainability requirements for new homes or sensible labour law specifications to promote diversity and fight discrimination. Young people in particular are increasingly taking it for granted to live and work in different places. “Digital nomads” are even turning it into a lifestyle of their own, simply working from wherever they want.

At Wunderflats, too, many team members already work “fully remote”, i.e. without a fixed workplace in our Berlin office. As it’s well known, temporary furnished housing offers the flexible and uncomplicated solution required for modern residential mobility. But more and more landlords also expect additional services, from the sustainable and modern furnishing of an apartment, the management of advertisements, to the selection of renters and the assurance of a contact person on site. Read about what increasing flexibility means for Zeitwohnen and what demands landlords are increasingly making of digital platforms in the May issue of our newsletter.

I hope you will enjoy our newsletter!

Yours sincerely,

Jan Hase

CEO, Wunderflats

Click here to read the full May 2023 issue of Zeitwohnen: The Temporary Housing Update


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